NAVC Retriever

A Better Way to Find a Veterinary Job and Fill Open Veterinary Positions

Tired of Endlessly Searching for “Veterinary Jobs Near Me”?

NAVC Retriever is the fastest, most effective way to confidentially connect qualified candidates with open career opportunities within the veterinary profession. Our new job-seeker centric platform helps candidates connect with practices on a deeper level to fall in love with a new career position. NAVC Retriever introduces job seekers to practice teams and the practice culture to cultivate a stronger connection and deeper understanding of the job opportunity.

NAVC Retriever was founded in 2018 by the NAVC, a nonprofit association committed to helping the veterinary healthcare team thrive, and Guava AI, a recruitment application helping teams to promote open jobs in refreshingly honest, simple and clear ways and find the right employee. With a shared vision of transforming the way veterinary jobs are filled and candidates are recruited, NAVC Retriever was born!

NAVC Retriever is:

  • Designed for the veterinary profession only
  • Confidential
  • Easy to use and filter jobs
  • Job seekers can access free without creating a profile
  • Competitive pricing structure for job posters
  • Encourages a deep understanding of the practice and its culture for job seekers for a better fit

Find the Right Job

Get better visibility on job opportunities and practice culture, and easily filter based on preferences and/or requirements. Job seekers can now confidentially search for open jobs without creating a profile and apply for FREE in just a few clicks by simply uploading a resume.

Find the Right Talent

For job posters, NAVC Retriever offers competitive pricing at $160 per practice per month for unlimited roles. NAVC Retriever supports you and takes you step by step through showcasing your workplace, culture, and team. With the new platform, you can upload photos and video and share links to posts on social media and through email.