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Why choose this job

Work on a personalized schedule and in almost any aspect of small animal medicine. Our prolific and ever-growing facility offers exam, surgical, and shelter work. Sharpen your skills or practice your trade outside of big cities or corporate management. A move to fulltime employment is also available.


Very Flexible.

Here's what you'll be doing

  • General consultation and examinations

Some of our perks include

  • 50000 to 120000 USD per year
  • 21 days leave
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible scheduling, string consideration for long term employment. Positions available in Shelter wrk, or Examination, or surgery..
Franklin Township
Feb 10, 2023
50000 to 120000 USD
Small animal

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Animal Health Center

See what we're all about

A family practice with an open mind outside of major cities. We are closely affiliated with our on-premises animal shelter that rescues 1,500 animals a year. The already prolific hospital and shelter are both staging to expand with a 2.5 million dollar building currently in process.

The Team

Our team includes 2 veterinarians and 5 veterinary nurses / techs